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Reducing the costs and environmental impacts of construction and renovation projects


Building for Resource Conservation

As the cost of building materials and energy rise, people increasingly realize that conservation-centric construction not only helps the environment but also makes good economic sense. Existing building codes--a minimum standard to which new construction typically adheres--unfortunately falls well short of what current conditions call for: Enhanced insulation, tighter building envelopes, energy-efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures, and utilization of materials that are ecologically sustainable and yield healthy, non-toxic environments in which to live, work, and play.

Selecting and Managing Construction Professionals

When planning to build or renovate, property owners often assume that skills honed in their successful careers will serve them well in the construction arena. Unfortunately, those same successful careers often make it impossible to devote the time necessary to effectively manage a construction project. Moreover, the communication problems that can result from inadequate drawings, hurried meetings, construction jargon, and a hitherto unacquainted project team frequently create a disconnect between an owner's vision and a contractor's actions. By serving as your representative in the construction process, Open Space Equity can provide you with objective advice and help you realize your vision in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible. By guiding you through the process of planning, pricing, constructing, monitoring, and completing your project, we can help you forge constructive working relationships with contractors and subcontractors, prevent costly mistakes and delays, and ensure that your finished project meets your goals and expectations. We can also help you minimize the environmental impact of your project by bringing conservation disciplines to the construction process.

Minimizing Construction Impacts

Open Space Equity can help you identify culturally important and ecologically sensitive areas on your property, protect them during the construction process, and responsibly manage construction waste. By working with your architect, engineer, builder, and subcontractor, we can help ensure that your building project is completed with minimal site disturbance.

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Important Construction

  • Minimizing the environmental footprint of construction
  • Using new technologies to reduce energy consumption
  • Using non-toxic materials that yield healthy living and working environments
  • Making informed decisions based on total ownership costs vs. initial construction costs
  • Reducing construction expenses through careful planning and project team communication
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